Steve Sandberg, Class President
Welcoming Remarks
Arlington High School Class of 1957 Reunion Dinner
October 6, 2007

Welcome, Arlingtonians. The great class of 1957. Welcome to their honored guests.

We are gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our commencement. My wife Barbara and I are fresh from a visit to the Gettysburg Battlefield and Eisenhower’s Farm that adjoins it. Since Ike was president during our years at AHS, there is a strong connection to our class. During 1957, Russia launched Sputnik, Ike had a heart attack, the first nuclear plant was opened, gas was $.24 a gallon and the Braves won the World Series. Certainly the furnishings and memorabilia noted as we wandered through his modest home vividly brought back those days. And standing at the place on Cemetery Hill in the midst of the Battleground near where President Lincoln gave his brief address in November of 1863 which began with “4 score and 7 years ago” and included the phrase “the world will little note nor long remember what we say here but it can never forget what they did here.” He was wrong about not long remembering, but right about never forgetting.

So my remarks will be brief and not remembered. However, we will never forget our days at AHS and where they lead us in life. Two score and 10 years ago a most memorable class graduated from Arlington and went into the world and did great things. It is said the healthiest way to live is to stay in the present moment; but at times like these it is altogether fitting and proper to pause for a few hours to remember and reminisce with old acquaintances from those happy days 1/2 century past. 

Each of us has very special personal memories of Arlington—some pleasurable and some poignant. Mostly the good stays with us and are too many to enumerate. Some we can share, some we cannot.

Born and raised within 1/4 mile of that solid brick building at the beginning of Brick Yard Hill had a significance for me long before attending. My grandfather was employed there, I witnessed athletic events there and at Raymond Ave., my first residence after marrying was a short walk and even later, my 3 sons attended middle school there. But more important than the monument itself are those who walked its halls and the grounds surrounding and helped us grow to where we are today. These relationships developed during those 6 years. They would have a profound impact on the next 5 decades of our lives.

Pride in our school was evident and Arlington’s spirit was strong. Today we can each take pride in our own way looking back and now looking forward to many more healthy and productive years. You should all be proud of your life’s achievements because they are many and they are amazing. I’m especially impressed by the entrepreneurial successes among us. It is an honor to have known all of you.

Let’s now pause for a few moments to silently remember those classmates that are not with us, but with us in spirit.

It’s now time to recognize those that through persistence, hard work, and love of Arlington have made this glorious event possible. Charlie Fleishman for his dedication to communicating information through the magic of modern electronics, and Ralph Brown for his contribution with incredible artistry.

We are fortunate to have had classmates who have been willing to carry the torch for this and all previous reunions. We are especially grateful to one particular person who will now expound on contributions of committee members. I give you the chairwoman of the 50th reunion of the Class of 1957, so popular to be known by one name, Carmela.