With Us

Our grief, our loss is tempered
By the person you still are to us.
It is not as if we both shared
A far-flung once upon a time,
Now gone.

For your essence, your soul
Cannot be easily removed from those who love you
Or banished from the changes you made
And left behind from your time here.

As our existence is slowly transformed by time,
As we move on,
Your distance from us
Pulls at the ties between us.
It leaves our hearts lonelier,
Even as we remember and recreate you.
In our minds,
You still are here to us...

Caroline Waligora Roy


June Aaron
Tom Andrew
Dotty Baitinger
Eugene Ball
Barbara (Brownell) Simmons
Stewart Budd
Pat (Cullen) Calega
Carol (Casement) Lewis
Barbara (Chambers) McGinley
Bruce Cookinham
Bill Cumming
Linda (Davies) Fitzgerald
Marilyn (Erett) Finger
Beth (Ervien) Langhein
Marie Fanelli
Sheila (Fowx) Ford
Daniel Gasparro
Thomas R. Gates
Bill Gibson
Joann L. (Hicks) Daly-Goebel
Dan Holleran

Louise (Holmstrom) Collins
Richard Jakubek
Joyce Kilmer
Arnis Lamberts
Kathie (Koss) McMenamin
Morton J. (Morty) Laffin
Ronald Lafko
Mary Lou Lennon
Don Marchese
Anthony J. Olheiser
Gail Pittala
Charlotte (Rogers) Keto
Jessie (Scribner)Poluzzi
Rosalynn (Sinacori) Graham
Dolly (Speckenbach) Buyer
Randy Vaeth
Stephen “Kip” Wachenfeld Caroline (Waligora) Roy
Walter White
Audrey (Wild) Woodhouse
Vic Wirhouski